Food Booths & Food Trailers

We are looking to offer a large array of unique foods from Ohio and beyond.  Apply here for more info!

Food Trucks

We are expanding our food offering and want as many unique food offerings as possible. Click here for the Application.

Wizard of Oz Booths

Apply here if you are looking to sell Commercial-Made Wizard of Oz Products. Vintage or New.

Commercial & Direct Sales Vendors

If you are selling various Commercial Made products or are a Direct Sales Vendor such as Tupperware, Lularoe, etc. Here is where you apply.

Artisan & Craft Booths

Here is where someone who has 100% Handmade Products, Artwork, Crafts, Vintage items, etc. would apply.

Non-Profit & Civic Group Booths

If you are a Non-Profit group, Organization, Club, etc. A booth that will not be selling anything, here is where you apply.

Why should I be a Vendor at the 2018 Ohio Wizard of Oz Festival?

Click Here for more info!