• October 15-16, 2022
  • Aurora, Ohio
Artisan Booth

We are Sold-Out of Vendor Spaces for 2022

Artisan and Maker Indoor Booths

$35 for a 8×8 Space for 1 day either Saturday, October 15th or Sunday, October 16th.

$50 for a 8×8 Space for both days

Additional 8×8 connected spaces $25 each for both days

  • Electric: $10 for entire weekend

  • Tables: $5 each 6ft Table for entire weekend


Items that can be sold at an Artisan and Craft Booth

  • All Products must be Handmade
  • Products do not have to be “Wizard of Oz” themed
  • No food items
  • Art Prints
  • Ohio Art
  • Paintings
  • Candles, Soaps, Oils, etc.
  • Apparel, Bags, Totes, etc.
  • Handmade Gifts & Collectibles
  • Wizard of Oz Handmade items- Non-Commercial items.

4 Step Process for your application!

  1. Submit this Application with Payment. (If you are denied as a vendor we will issue a refund to your credit card or return your check)
  2. We are a Juried Show so please allow up to 1 week for a confirmation email regarding your application.
  3. Once confirmation of your acceptance is emailed to you, we will add you to our website as a register vendor. No refunds are available for cancellation by you for any reason.
  4. Vendors will be assigned a booth location based on type, size, & needs. You will find out your booth location when you arrive to setup. Any changes to the booth assignment must be done with Vendor Coordinator.

General Notices for All Vendors

  • Any questions, comments, or concerns you may have regarding your vendor space please use the Contact Us link on this site and choose Vendor Question.
  • All vendors are required to clean their space and place trash in appropriate containers.
  • Stay the full regular schedule of the Expo, or you will not be allowed to comeback next year.
  • If you are staying for 1 day or both you must stay until that day is over. No early leaves.
  • Vendor fees can be paid with a Credit Card or Check.
  • Vendor Setup times will be on Friday, October 14th from 3pm-8pm,  Saturday, October 15th from 7am-9am, & Sunday, October 16th from 8am-9:30am. No vendors will be allowed earlier then posted times.
  • The entire Expo area is Smoke & Vape-Free.
  • No Firearms, Riffles, Toy Guns, or anything closely associated are allowed.
  • No Adult Only merchandise
  • No vendors are allowed to sell any Food or Drink of any kind.
  • All merchandise, back-stock, tables, chairs, etc. will need to fit in your 8×8 space. Make sure to purchase enough space for your entire display. Booths will be marked, no items cannot be outside of your booth area.
  • The Expo is open Rain or Shine. No refunds for inclement weather.
  • Standard 110-volt Electric is available throughout the main hall. Electric is $10 for the entire weekend. No 220-Volt Electric is offered.
  • Building will be locked and secured during non-open hours. We are not responsible for any property left overnight.
  • No sleeping overnight is parking lot is permitted.
  • The Ohio Wizard of Oz Expo cannot be held responsible for how well a business may or may not do. No refunds/rebates based on sales will be given.
  • If we add or change a term you will be notified prior to the start of the Expo.


  • If you need to Cancel all cancellations must be submitted by Tuesday, October 11th, 2022 for a 50% Refund.
  • We will refund only 50% of all fees that were paid by the vendor to the Ohio Wizard of Oz for cancellation.
  • 100% Refund would be if show promoter cancels, in this case we will only refund fees that were paid to Ohio Wizard of Oz.
  • No merchandise or potential profits will be refunded in any cancellation reason.


Monday, October 10th, 2022 is the deadline for Vendor Application Submissions. Unless Vendor area sells out before, which it has during our other Wizard of Oz Shows in the past.


Submit Application & Payment Online

We are Sold-Out of Vendor Spaces for 2022

PDF for Mail in Applications for Vendors

We are Sold-Out of Vendor Spaces for 2022
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