• October 15-16, 2022
  • Aurora, Ohio

Emerald Dollars

Save at the 2022 Ohio Wizard of Oz Expo with Emerald Dollars!


♦Emerald Dollars are used just like cash except it cannot be redeemed for change or cash back.


♦The best way to use them is to purchase items that are more then the cash you have. You cannot receive change back from Emerald Dollars.


♦Emerald Dollars cost less then US Currency starting at $0.85 US for $1.00 in Emerald Dollars, That is how you save!


♦The more you buy the cheaper it is. For $40 US you can get $50 in Emerald Dollars!


♦Use them at the Expo at your favorite Booths & Vendors. The Wizard of OZ Bazaar, The OZ Confectionery,  The Expo Store, and various vendors in the Emerald City Main Hall!

♦After the Expo the Dollars can be used Online at the Wizard of Oz Bazaar!


♦Emerald Dollars will not be available for purchase during the Expo so by them Today! Purchase online will be removed on October 14, 2022 at 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time


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