• October 15-16, 2022
  • Aurora, Ohio
Aunt Em’s Pie Baking Contest

Aunt Em’s Pie Baking Contest


Do you have an award winning pie recipe?

  • To participate in contest is absolutely Free!
  • Preregister below.
  • All participates will receive a Thank you award for participating.
  • We will have 1st place & 2nd place winners in each category
  • We will judge in the following categories: Overall Appearance, Taste, Overall Impression, & Level of Creativity
  • Please make sure to bring enough so our judges will be able to sample for judging.
  • Pie can be a Fruit Pie, Vegetable Pie or a Meat Pie
  • We will have contests on both days, Saturday, Sept. 28th & Sunday, Sept. 29th.
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