free up space on Windows

How to Free up Space On Windows PC

Are you running out of space for storing on your computer? The time has come to free up space on Windows PC. We show you how to do it most efficiently.

Free up space on Windows

Is your PC’s hard drive becoming too full? You may need a higher capacity hard drive, but it is also possible that the time has come to free up some space by deleting files that you do not really need. We show you how to free space on your Windows PC.

In fact, the accumulation of files that you have used once and have been forgotten in some corner of your hard drive is one of the most common causes of the space occupied in the storage of your PC.

Also, freeing up space on your Windows PC will make Windows run more fluid since the operating system needs around 10% of the storage space to generate the temporary files it creates in its regular operation. So, if you do not have that space, its service will not be as efficient.

Set up the Windows 10 storage sensor

One of the novelties brought by Windows 10 is the function of the Storage Sensor function that allows to periodically and automatically remove files that are not used for a long time in particular locations of the system.

For example, you can set the files from the My Downloads folder to be deleted from time to time, the default location of all Internet downloads from browsers, which are usually files that you use immediately after downloading, but which they are forgotten occupying a precious space in the storage of your computer.

It also allows the Recycle Bin to be automatically emptied to free the space occupied by the files that are there.

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Configure the Storage Sensor by accessing the System section of the Windows 10 Configuration panel. Next, go to the Storage section in the side panel and activate the Storage Sensor switch first on the list.

You can customize the frequency with which cleaning is done by clicking on the Configure Storage Sensor link or run it now.

Here, you can set how often the cleaning task will be executed automatically, whether the temporary files of the apps that are no longer used or how usually the data in the My Downloads folder and the recycle bin will be deleted.

Run the space freezer in Windows 10

Windows 10 also includes its own tools to free up space that the system occupies with its daily operations. Temporary files, update installation files, and many other junk files that Windows generates can be easily removed.

To access the Disk Cleanup tool, all you have to do is press the Windows key and start typing Disk Cleanup in the Windows search bar. Access to the application will have appeared before the end of the first word. Access it and choose the unit you want to release in the box that appears.

In the tool’s window, click on the Clean System Files button to analyze the files that are not yet displayed among the available options. After a short analysis time, the Disk Cleanup window will reappear.

free up space on Windows

Now, check all the boxes that appear in the section Files that can be deleted, and you will discover that you can release even several gigabytes of files that you did not need. This is, while not a doubt, one of the easiest ways to free space on Windows PC, so you should carry it out every so often.

Use a specialized application to free up space on Windows PC
So far, you have used tools that only serve to free up the space that Windows 10 manages. But what regarding the remainder of the space occupied by the “forgotten files” that you keep in some corner of your computer’s hard drive?

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To discover those “forgotten files” that you no longer use, nothing better than a small free used that you will not even need to install in your system. His name is WizTree, and you can download it from his official website or directly from this link.

After downloading the file, unzip and run the WizTree64.exe file to start it.

In the upper left corner of the WizTree window, choose the unit you want to analyze to free up space, and click Analyze. After a brief analysis, the program shows in great detail all the information you need to find which files are occupying more space on your disk.

It does so in three ways: showing the percentage of storage that each folder on the disk occupies, indicating which type of files are the most disk space they are filling and, the most visual and straightforward, in the form of a colour diagram in which they are stored. Represents the size of the files graphically.

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Now you just have to use any of the three options to locate the most important files or those that you no longer need to free up space on Windows PC.

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