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The NFSMI.ORG part of the School of Applied Sciences at The University of Mississippi, is the only federally funded national center dedicated to applied research, education and training, and technical assistance for child and adult nutrition programs till 2016. The Institute was established by Congress in the Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 1989. It is funded by a grant administered through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Food and Nutrition Service (FNS). The specific duties of the Institute can be found in Section 21 of the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act. The Institute’s mission is to provide information and services that promote the continuous improvement of child and adult nutrition programs.

NFSMI Moto is a foremost online organization that firmly believes in “honest program reviews lead to a healthy lifestyle”. Our organization provides practical solutions when it comes to nutrition and fitness. We, at, believe that good nutrition and motivation is the key to success and we constantly thrive to give our readers the best of everything. We also do not keep any stone unturned in delving into the educational requirements, training, and courses that craft a nutritionist you can trust.

The work culture at

Our team of dedicated analysts works by the principle that ‘every human being deserves to be in good health and prosper in life’s highness without any hindrance. Whereas our program reviews and recommendations are made after analyzing a product on various parameters like positive reviews of consumers, re-order rate, and the average rating a product attains after being used.

Our review team spends considerable time and energy in understanding the most significant parameters such as composition and concentration of ingredients, the positive reviews that a product has garnered from its consumers, the frequency at which a product was re-ordered, and the overall rating it receives. We compare several e-commerce websites to get the best products for you so that you don’t have to undergo the tedious process of finding out what might work for you. To top it up, we also believe in the role and significance of education in today’s world. As such, we give due regard to the nuances involves in this aspect.


Top 10 Delicious and Healthy Foods for Your Child; Finding the Balance Between Taste and Nutritional Value

Little kids are very sensitive to taste. They will resist anything that is not tasty to them regardless of its nutritional value. They only want to eat a certain type of food because it tastes great. It can be difficult for you to feed them when they are too choosy. It is still upon you…

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All Our Research Documents

Food Safety Grab and Go Lesson For food safety, it is important to know what the terms clean, sanitize, and disinfect mean. Each step helps protect children from germs (bacteria or viruses) that cause illness. Together, these steps kill harmful germs.Learn everything from our Food Safety Grab and Go Lesson research. *Recommendation from:Graves, D. E.,…

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Food Allergy Fact Sheets

A series of fact sheets that provide an overview of food allergies, the top 8 food allergies, how to manage food allergies, and common questions regarding food allergies in child nutrition programs.  Revised 2019. Overview of Food Allergies Fact SheetView or Download Alergias a los AlimentosHoja informativa para empleados de nutrición escolar. Overview of Food…

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Learn How To Become A Nutritionist – Nutritionist Degree Programs And Careers

Becoming a nutritionist is a very rewarding and enthralling choice in life as you help people to lead a happier and healthier life. In order to pursue a nutritionist career, you require a bachelor’s degree in nutrition or a health-related field or a nutrition certification. If you want to delve deeper into a nutritionist’s life,…

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Food Buying Guide Calculator

A brainchild of the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS), the Food Buying Guide (FBG) Calculator is an interactive web-based tool that lets you create your very own shopping list of the right foods for your program(s). This tool rounds up as your go-to destination for everything related to Food Buying Guide. It specifically aids Child…

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USDA Recipes for Schools

USDA Recipes for Schools Alphabetical by Recipe NameThese updated recipes from the 1988 Quantity Recipes for School Food Service and the 1995 Tool Kit for Healthy School Meals reflect the changes made in the Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs. Revised recipes have been standardized, edited for consistency, and updated with Critical Control Point (CCP) information from the 2003…

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